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Head lice are a common community problem. Children ages 3-11 and those who live with them are most commonly affected. There are many myths about head lice. For example, did you know…..?

Lice do not carry disease?

They only crawl, but cannot fly or jump?

They are spread through prolonged head-to-head contact?


Learn more about lice here:

Head Lice 101- English

Head Lice 101- Spanish

CDC Head Lice FAQ

Spanish Whooping Cough Notification
Spanish Whooping Cough NOtification
Whooping Cough Notification Spanish
Whooping Cough Notification Spanish
School children running

Important Forms

Does your student need medication at school?

All medication, including over-the-counter, needs to have written authorization from your health care provider and you before it can be given at school. Just return the completed Medication Authorization form to your school health office.

Medication Authorization Form- English

Medication Authorization Form- Spanish


Does your student need a home teacher due to a long term illness or hospitalization?  

If your student will be missing 4 or more weeks of school due to illness or surgery, you may ask their physician to request a home teacher by clicking on the following link: Home Teacher Request Form

Home and Hospital Procedural Guidelines


Is your student returning to school with a cast, stitches, crutches, splint, brace, or returning after surgery? 

Just have your health care provider fill out the Readmission to School form before your child comes back to school.  The completed form can be dropped off or faxed to your school’s health office –call your health office for more information.  Readmission to School Form


Does your student have type 1 Diabetes?

Here is the diabetes order form you and your health care provider will need to fill out.  Please return it to your school’s health office or fax it to the district nurse.

Diabetes order form


Do you need a kindergarten physical form?

CHDP report of health exam form.pdf

MUSD Tdap Vaccine Information
Tdap Vaccine English Whooping Cough Notice
Tdap Vaccine Registration Information
Vaccine Tdap Information For Whooping Cough English

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